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DOT Pipeline Inspections


Avanti Environmental joined forces with the Western Region Oil and Gas Production Operators (WRPO), and Compliance Services, Inc. to share best practices and to standardize compliance associated with the DOT Pipeline Operator Qualification Program and OSHA safety.

Avanti field technicians are trained and certified by Compliance Services, Inc. and comply with DOT regulations for both 49 CFR Parts 192 and 195 pertaining to leak surveys of hazardous liquid and natural gas pipelines. Avanti technicians walk and monitor DOT regulated pipelines for fugitive emissions and liquid leaks pursuant to USDOT and State requirements.

Pipelines within environmentally sensitive areas are required to be managed according to a plan which addresses testing schedules and methods, maps, and information about the pipeline including size, age, grade, pressures, shutdown devices, corrosion prevention, and leak and repair history. Avanti Environmental writes the plans and assists in implementing the program.