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Leak Detection And Repair


Avanti is primarily in the business of finding and repairing leaks in industrial equipment. Its Certified LDAR Technicians perform periodic leak inspections on every component in your plant.

Many leaks can be repaired immediately after discovery. Other leaks may require planning to get the job done safely and on time. A leaking component is given a repair time based on the severity of the leak which can be tracked online via our web-based data management system called MyAvanti.

Often, companies are required to calculate the amount of fugitive emissions released to the atmosphere. Such emissions are needed for permitting purposes or for determining a fee. The conventional methodologies vary from a bottoms-up approach using EPA approved default emissions factors to the more advanced correlation equation method. Calculating mass fugitive emissions is a specialized business usually performed by trained environmental personnel or consultants. Avanti has revolutionized the process by being able to work with your consultants using myAvanti.

The final phase of any LDAR program is record keeping and reporting. As with environmental compliance, when you’re asked to provide a report to demonstrate compliance, you’ll need it quickly and accurately. Avanti can provide these reports to you, or you can create your own reports through your access to myAvanti.