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Tagging And Inventory


In order to satisfy regulatory requirements for identifying inspection points, metal identification tags are attached to piping and process unit components and inspection points. Inventory lists are carefully created following the inspection routes, providing field, regulatory and consulting staff with a detailed guide to assist in quickly identifying and managing leaks found during periodic inspections.

Spreadsheet and database formats provide the basis for compliance reporting, repair notification and BACT and critical component tracking. Client companies are provided with hard copy and electronic versions of their facility inventories. Updates to changes can be made as required to maintain regulatory compliance.

Avanti has developed a unique solution for data management with its own web-based application, available wherever there is Internet service. With, facility managers can track leaks and repair deadlines, enter repair actions, maintain accurate inventories, monitor inspection progress, and create current and historical reports online. There is no software to install and maintain. You can export your data, allowing your consultants access for preparing permits and related emissions projects. All data is protected by multiple secure backups, and your data belongs to you! The process is intuitive and simple. MyAvanti completes the turn key package.