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Avanti Environmental is the nation’s leading licensed LDAR jobs contractor providing leak detection and repair solutions for identifying, controlling, and repairing fugitive emissions leaks, including using revolutionary new VOC gas infrared camera technology. With more than 20 years of successfully providing the most effective solution for controlling fugitive emissions leaks behind us, Avanti Environmental continues our mission as an LDAR jobs contractor for plants and facilities throughout North America.

We successfully minimize or eliminate airborne fugitive emissions release on all of our LDAR jobs, reducing the effect of contaminants and pollution on the environment and helping plants and facilities meet strict air quality regulation requirements. Through locating the source of inorganic and organic emission leaks, we offer the leading solution for any types of LDAR jobs.

LDAR Jobs For All Industries

Avanti Environmental can help your plant or facility comply with strict federal and regional air regulations, and meet emissions reporting and air permitting directives for LDAR jobs in any industry, including:

• Pharmaceutical Plants
• Gas and Oil Refineries / Offshore and Onshore
• Liquids Bulk Storage Terminals
• Chemical Plants

For all of our LDAR jobs, we provide a turnkey, fully compliant solution for complete emissions control, including:

• Leak Detection and Repair
• Safety Training
• Part Sales
• Sampling and Analysis
• Air Quality Consulting
• Tagging and Inventory
• Tank Seal Inspections
• Reporting and Compliance
• DOT Pipeline Inspections
• And More

VOC Gas Infrared Technology

As a leader in the LDAR jobs field, Avanti Environmental also offers an innovative way to detect leaks at your facility using VOC gas infrared technology. This revolutionary technology allows us to detect leaks and show them to you for the first time ever. The EPA has even recognized the outstanding results this camera technology offers by adopting it into Method 21 for use in spotting leaks with TVA.

There are only a few LDAR jobs contractors currently offering this revolutionary technology. Avanti Environmental was one of the first to implement VOC gas infrared technology in an effort to continue leading the LDAR jobs field. (To discover whether VOC gas infrared is appropriate for your facility, contact our main office at (888) 812-3022, or contact your regional manager or local project manager today.)

Compliance And Many Other Benefits

Avanti Environmental offers additional benefits on top of our LDAR jobs that ensure your compliance with clean air regulations. We also offer compliance advice, and can tailor any of our solutions to meet your facility’s unique needs. Other benefits of our LDAR jobs solutions include increasing the safety at your facility, reducing product lost due to emissions loss, and improving your production efficiency.

Contact Us Today

Avanti Environmental is eager to speak with you, regardless of whether you’re interested in advice, our turnkey LDAR jobs solutions, or our revolutionary VOC gas infrared camera technology.

Just call our main office anytime toll-free at (888) 812-3022 for a free, no-obligation consultation. You can also submit the convenient contact form on our website and we’ll get back to you via email or phone with the information you require immediately.

Avanti Environmental looks forward to being your partner in LDAR jobs that keep your facility compliant and the environment safe from problematic fugitive emissions. Contact us today for more information.

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